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Our Capabilities

Anything You Need, We Can Do It

At Arctic Snow and Ice our service is solid, reliable, and dependable. We do not sub-contract or outsource our business. Each customer is handled by our in house staff. Arctic houses, maintains, and uses our own equipment, ensuring we're ready before a storm hits, not after. Our plows scrape down to the pavement, dearing snow and ice quickly and efficiently preventing winter storms from interfering with your lives.


  • 90% of all slip and falls occur when there is less than 1 inch of snow
  • Keeping sidewalks clear can save businesses money. Fewer accidents mean lower insurance rates
  • Winter storms may occur at any time. Do not let them put your business on ice.
  • Using a 6 man team, Arctic will quickly plow and salt walkways as well as service areas behind buildings. Our employees are part of your community and are available at a moment's notice.

Ice Control

Are ability to clear ice from your parking lot is unparalled. We house a fleet of vehicles that not only carry 9 tons of de-icing salt, but are also fitted with snow plows. Our stock pile of salt ensures we're always prepared for the worst. Our de-icing salt is a sodium-free product that will leave your concrete and landscaping unharmed.

  • We eliminate black ice, a thin and dangerous layer of ice over asphalt.
  • To ensure salting is effective, Arctic scrapes as much frozen snow off as possible before de-icing begins.
  • Even small accumulations of ice can be dangerous to motorists and pedestrians.

Snow Relocation & Melting

Why wait for other companies to rent wheel loaders and dump trucks? Should a large storm hit, we have all the necessary equipment on hand to remove snow to an off-site location.

  • Snow relocation is done after business hours to increase productivity and decrease work hours.
  • Snow relocation decreases liability exposure due to lack of visibility
  • Provides a safer and clearer site, reduces obstructions and increases usable lot space.

Weather Connections

We are continually tracking storms with our live weather radar. Our long standing partnership with the weather monitoring service provided by Murray & Trettel, Inc allows Arctic's crews to be prepared hours before our competition. Our plows are staged before a storm hits and are ready as soon as precipitation begins. Without our staging effort, storms have a one to two inch head start leading which often leads to increased numbers of slips and falls.

  • Arctic tracks storms and are staged and ready before they hit.
  • Weather is monitored 24 hours a day seven days a week all season long.
  • Storms are continuously tracked after they hit to provide constant support for customers.
  • Arctic's Snow Center™ provides our clients with daily and seasonal updates.

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