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About Arctic

What Sets Us Apart?

What We Are

A snow removal company that owns and operates its own equipment and maintains long term relationships with its clients.

  • An industry leader
  • The largest private snow removal fleet in the country.
  • New onsite dedicated equipment yearly.
  • Not routed, you will always be first.
  • A company that maintains total control.
  • Sole commitment to the snow industry. Twelve month investment in facilities, equipment and people. True skin in the game.
  • Efficiency is our focus. Truck plows are too cumbersome and slow   especially in modern parking lots where they encounter obstacles like islands, cart corrals and handicap parking signs. Every minute of equipment time is costly.
  • No heavy salt applications. The Sectional Sno-Plow™ only takes one pass to scrape away snow and ice from the pavement. No plow trucks are needed to re-plow, and salt expenses are reduced.
  • Arctic's construction grade equipment ensures that parking lots are plowed on time after a blizzard event. Let Arctic put its heavy iron to work for you.
  • Guaranteed salt supplies. Using our own semis running from our own salt domes means our salt is available for use 24 hours a day. We stock two seasons of salt to ensure that you will have a safe site free of slip and falls.
  • Let Arctic's efficiencies save you money, call today!

What We Are NOT

  • A company that sub-contracts work and has no control.
  • A company with a business model that says: "its cheaper to salt repeatedly, rather than to pay costly sub-contractors to plow". This model cost customers money and results in needless salt damage.
  • A company that offers unrealistic rates to get the contract because they have nothing else to offer.

Our History

  • 1978
    Randy Strait launches Arctic Snow & Ice Control, Inc. with one plow truck and a lot of determination.
  • 1980s
    Arctic expands its operations to include 200 plows and service counties in Northern Illinois and Northwest Indiana.
  • 1995
    In search of a better way to clear snow, Arctic sets out to design and build the Sectional Sno-Pusher™.
  • 1999
    Arctic purchases the Frankfort Airport, 35 minutes southwest of Chicago. Situated on 82 acres, this location is ideal to house 400 pieces of equipment in airplane hangars or other outdoor storage facilities.
  • 2006
    Arctic introduces the newly patented Sectional Sno-Plow™ to the industry at the Snow and Ice Management Show in Louisville, Ky.
  • 2009
    Arctic purchases large snow melters to better serve a growing client base.
  • 2010
    Arctic becomes the largest single purchaser of Caterpillar equipment, and owns and operates the largest private snow removal fleet in the Midwest.
  • 2012
    Arctic signs an agreement with Caterpillar to brand and manufacture the Sectional Sno-Pusher™. The Sectional Sno-Pusher™ is sold worldwide through Caterpillar's global network.
  • 2013
    Arctic purchase multiple 1,200 HP. Airport style snow blowers to add additional services to clients.
  • 2014
    Arctic builds four major salt distribution domes in strategically located distribution centers. Capacities range from 250 to 500 semi-loads per dome.
  • 2016
    Arctic enters into an exclusive agreement with construction equipment giant Case New Holland to acquire the largest private fleet in North America and to private label its Sectional Sno-Pusher™ under both the Case and New Holland labels.
  • 2017
    Arctic expands its product profile from one product to five, introducing the first sectional power angled plow as well as a scoop and spread salter designed expressly for parking lots.

Our Team

  • Randy Strait
    President / CEO
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    Ph: (708) 532-1100 ext. 112
  • Rick Bell
    General Manager
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    Ph: (708) 532-1100 ext. 716
  • Linda Zoller
    Office Manager
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    Ph: (708) 532-1100 ext. 710
  • Pat Moran
    Director of Sales
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    Ph: (708) 532-1100 ext. 727
  • John Starek
    Director of Operations
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    Ph: (708) 532-1100 ext. 717
  • Jeremy Hicks
    Account Exec / Operations
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    Ph: (708) 532-1100 ext. 719
  • Tom Breig
    Account Executive
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    Ph: (708) 532-1100
  • Taylor Brooker
    Account Executive
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    Ph: (708) 532-1100 ext. 735
  • Spencer Strait
    Chief Marketing Officer
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    Ph: (708) 532-1100
  • Gretchen Shay
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    Ph: (708) 532-1100 ext. 702
  • Michele Szewczyk
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    Ph: (708) 532-1100

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